Friday, 19 November 2010

Always aim high

Sorry for the absence....still can't get online for more than about 10 seconds at a time despite new router, new filters, multiple calls to BT, shouting matches with Virgin Broadband, visits from various computer experts and now awaiting psychotherapist and possible strait-jacket.

Anyway, a mate of mine is well miffed, as we say in academia, about the forthcoming nuptials between an Old Marlburian girl and a well-known man-about-St. James's. He has two daughters you see, and he's spent a shed-load of money sending them to Marlborough and what did he get? Oxford University, that's what. Neither of them is going to be a Queen or even a Duchess. You wonder what you pay your money for don't you? I blame all those stupid textbooks they read when when they could be out snogging the scions of the aristocracy, or at least kissing a frog or two.

My mate had sooo set his mind on being the grandfather of a future King of England! And now all he'll probably get is a couple of bloody professors.

His wife tried her best. Apparently they went up to the Open Day festivities and when they saw their daughter disappearing unsteadily into the bushes surrounding the sports field with a suitable young gentleman,alcohol having been taken, she followed them discreetly into the thicket, hid behind a rhododendron bush and at the appropriate moment whispered urgently "Arch your back, darling, don't let his Lordship have to dangle his testicles on that damp grass!".

(Acknowledgement: Thank you Legend-in-his-own-lunchtime for that last line)


  1. Very funny, but as a St Andrews person who DIDN'T end up with a prince, (darn) I am also mildy miffed. Och well, cannie win 'em all.
    Enjoyed dipping into your blog..good laugh, although apparently I must be WEIRD...good, I like weird, but most people just think I am boring. Weird sounds like an improvement.

  2. I've had a bit of an absence too on account of a power outage for 3 days.
    Glad to see you still writing John. The blogosphere wouldn't be the same without you.

  3. what your friend's daughters were doing wrong, of course, was not parading their wares in a see through frock on a catwalk - certainly attracted William's attention....

    Ali x

  4. I reckon your mate's had a close escape.

    Can you imagine marrying into that family?

    Plant talking, horse-loving (sorry Camilla) father-in-law.

    Phil The Greek as the grandfather-in-Law.

    Much better off with a Prof.
    They could always teach.