Friday, 3 September 2010

Out of the mouths of babes....

In my last two Posts I covered 'Domestic Gods' and discussed 'Creation and Gods', so I thought we could now tackle some deeper theological thoughts. Those of you still young enough to remember as far back as June 2010 will recall that my first Post was a 'Letter to God', which I was pleased with at the time, but I have just bought a small book for 30p from a Charity Shop entitled 'Children's Letters to God' (edited by Marshall and Hample)and I now realize I am a complete novice at putting God on the spot. Try these as a random sample:-

Dear God, Can you show me how to get paint off? Howard.

Dear God, I would like all the bad things to stop. Debbie.

Dear God, I lost my glove again and I'm going to get heck unless somebody sticks up for me. Will you? Martha.

Dear God, My father is mean. Please get him not to be. But don't hurt him. Martin

Dear God, My father can never get a fire started. Could you make a burning bush in our yard? Sherry

Dear God, O.K. I kept my half of the deal. Where's the bike? Bert.

Dear God, My father is very smart. Maybe he could help you? Margo.

Dear God, Are boys better than girls? I know you are one but try to be fair, Sylvia.

My personal favourite though, as a would-be writer looking for tips to producing a best-seller, is:

Dear God, I read your book and I like it. Where do you get your ideas? John.

There are dozens of them, all good, with lots of funny illustrations and I strongly recommend you to buy the book......a snip at 30p. Or I'll sell you my copy for 20p.


  1. Ah that's great! I particularly like Bert's contribution. Reminds me of my friend when he was about 10 or so, the God Squad that lived in the street got to him and spirited him off to Church one day.

    His mother, my mother's friend, recounted how she could hear Ross praying fervently in the kitchen one afternoon after school: 'Please God, please....if you could make me a piece on jam* that would be great, Please...I'm *begging* you God.'

    Entranced by this religious fervour, his mum stood at the kitchen door for several minutes while her son entreated with God to fix him a snack.

    When the litany subsided, Ross looked around the un-snacked kitchen and sighed: 'Don't bother, I'll get it myself.'

    He never went back to church ;-)

    Ali x

    *Glaswegian for jam sandwich

  2. Thanks Ali,I really enjoy your comments (and Posts). Young Ross reminds of my youth, when my friend really, really wanted some roller skates, so he prayed and prayed for them but when they never came he pinched a pair and prayed for forgiveness. Seemed to work!

  3. Ah yes - that's today's maxim isn't it: "Better to ask for forgiveness than permission"

    (see Wayne Rooney...)

    Ali x