Sunday, 10 October 2010

What is a man?

A feminist friend of mine tells me I have got the creation story all wrong (Bloody Awesome Sept 4th).

It seems that contrary to popular belief, Eve was there first, and one day she called to God to let him know she was not satisfied with life. She had a wonderful garden and more apples than she could eat and the snake was friendly and kinda cute, but she was just not happy.

"In that case, Eve" saith the Lord, "I shall create a man to keep you company".

"What is a man?", asked Eve.

"He is a large muscular animal with an inflated idea of his own abilities and an inability to see your point of view, and he won't listen to you properly, and ....(We can skip the next few paragraphs, most girls can make it up for themselves)...but he's good at throwing balls and hunting animals and lighting barbeques and opening cans and he'll be fun in bed.

"Hmm!" said Eve, not really convinced, as cans hadn't been invented (and not really understanding the bed bit either).

"Just one other thing", said God, "Because of his enormous ego you'll have to let him think I made him first. That will be our little secret, you know, woman to woman"

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  1. Loved this and have emailed this already to my friends!